April 11, 2019

Review: 6 Figure Promotions by Tej Dosa

Direct Response copywriting is hands-down the most useful, profitable skill I've picked up in online business.

It's the main reason I've been able to work from my laptop and travel and live abroad in Latin America for the past year. 

FYI - The highest paid Direct Response Copywriters pull in 6 to 7 figures a year.

But what's the best way to learn and build a business as a Copywriter?

There are tons of books and a couple good podcasts. 

There are also lots of courses and coaching programs. 

6 Figure Promotions stands out for 4 reasons:

1. It teaches you the high-value skill of copywriting (which you can use online or offline)

2. It shows you how to take this skill and make $10,000 USD a month as a Freelance  Copywriter... then gives you the option to build a product business or an agency (if you want... or you can just keep freelancing)

3. It explains the "Big Idea," which 99% of copywriting courses don't do... so you understand how to THINK about the process of writing copy

4. Everyone wants to know how to do research. 6 Figure Promotions shows you how, step-by-step, and how to take this research to write your copy. 

5. The value is off the charts. It's the best copywriting course I've seen under $500 and I'd be shocked if you don't make thousands of dollars by following the instructions in the course. 

My Online Business Journey
I’ve had my fair share of struggles as a freelancer.

My 1st year was a complete disaster while I worked around my 9-5.

My 2nd year was my first year freelancing full-time, but nothing to brag about.

Finally, in my 3rd year, my business started coming together.

Along the way, I faced a lot of the common challenges when it comes to learning how to write copy:

  • How to do research
  • How to come up with Big Ideas
  • How to land high-paying clients
  • How to position brands and create mouthwatering offers
  • How to approach freelancing like a real business

Plus how to go from “just another copywriter” to trusted advisor and respected Marketing Consultant.

The Turning Point
6 Figure Promotions has helped me by leaps and bounds. 

I had no idea that this unique, low-priced course would be such a game changer for me, but it’s been an incredible investment.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect with 6 Figure Promotions:

  • A complete walk-through of Tej’s entire 3-step process (that he learned from an 8-figure a year ClickBank marketer)
  • Two 6-figure promotions Tej wrote himself (for a supplement and his copywriting services)
  • A step-by-step LIVE demonstration where he builds a 6-figure promo inside the course from scratch, so all you have to do is follow along and apply

Tej also added a brand new course as part of 6 Figure Promotions called Client Conversion Secrets

Here he gives you the exact templates, scripts, and cold emails he used to get copy clients... when he was just starting out and had little-to-no experience (Tej used these templates to hit his first $100k with copy)

The dirty little secret of the copywriting industry is that knowing how to write copy will only take you so far.

It’s all the other stuff (positioning, offers, Big Ideas and understanding the BUSINESS side of freelancing) that’ll set you apart and help you command the big bucks.

That’s what’s going to separate you from thousands of freelancers who are struggling to pay their rent.

And that's what Tej shares with you in Client Conversion Secrets.

Whether you want to freelance, sell your own products or build an agency, Tej shows you how to do it. 

And Tej has personally used the 3-step formula he shares inside the course to write 6- and 7-figure promotions for:

  • Supplements
  • Info products
  • SAAS companies
  • Personal brands
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Copywriting services
  • eCom companies
  • Affiliates
  • Digital agencies

... so this is a versatile course you can use in many ways. 

Who the Heck Is Tej?
Here’s Tej’s bio in case you’re wondering:

  • Built 2 six figure businesses by 24
  • Generated 6-7 figures in sales for clients in the following verticals (health/spirituality/dating/weight loss/MMO)
  • Amassed 7 figures on paper (Not in a single year. Over the span of years.)
  • Been in the entrepreneurial trenches since he was 12
  • His current businesses: 1) Digital Agency 2) Real estate 3) E-commerce

One of the things I love about Tej is he's had a lot of success at a young age, but he's also open about his failures.

So you know 6 Figure Promotions isn't theory. It's stuff that works (and makes money! I know because I use the lessons in my own business).

Course #1: 6 Figure Promotions
Here’s the entire course curriculum:

Course #2: Client Conversion Secrets
Here’s the entire course curriculum:

Top 5 Things I Love About 6 Figure Promotions
If I had to narrow it down to 5 things, here's what I'd say:

1. It’s versatile

This works for info products, coaching, consulting, e-commerce, personal brands, etc.

2. You can follow along as Tej creates a promotion from scratch inside the course

Love this! Tej breaks the whole thing down step by step.

3. You'll find this course super useful if you write long-form copy

My clients tend to be in the health & financial publishing spaces and these niches need long-form copy like sales letters all the time.

4. You can take what you learn inside both courses to build a freelance business, product business or agency business

That's pretty cool because you can go in any direction you want. 

5. Tej explains the proper mindset for success

I don't believe most people realize how important mindset is to success in business and life, but it's CRUCIAL and Tej doesn't a fantastic job of explaining how to wire your brain for optimal results. 

What’s Missing? What Can Be Better?
It’s a comprehensive course without being overwhelming.

It teaches concepts most copywriting courses don’t.

And you get multiple examples to help you understand how to apply it.

It’s a great reference course.

So instead of going through it once, you can refer to it again and again whenever you’re planning a new promotion or writing copy.

I think this is a terrific course if you're at the complete beginner to intermediate level. 

Personally, I'd like to see more info on the business side (systems, building an agency, hiring, working with VAs), but that would take us into advanced territory. 

I'd also add more details on using social media (like Facebook groups and organic posts), but there's already plenty to work with inside Client Conversion Secrets

How I’m Using 6 Figure Promotions (and Client Conversion Secrets)
I’ve used the course to update my own research and writing process.

One of the things Copywriters must learn to do is get as organized as possible.

I already had a process before going through this course, but now it’s even better.

​The course has also helped me fine tune some things in my client business to get better organized with prospecting. 

Wrapping Up
Personally, I’d charge at least $997 for EACH course.

But Tej is offering both courses for less.

Way less.

So if you want to level up your marketing skills with a unique course that can literally produce 6 or 7 figures (for only $497 bucks), check out 6 Figure Promotions… pronto.

Look - if you'd rather read a dozen copywriting books and try to piece everything together on your own (I've tried myself), go for it. 

But know that it's going to take a long time. 

Plus you don't get the benefit of knowing how to actually apply everything you learn. 

On the other hand, 6 Figure Promotions (and Client Conversion Secrets) will give you a shortcut so you can save time and focus on the essentials.