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A Few Words Of Warning

I don’t take cold showers.

I haven’t spoken on stage.

I don’t own a private jet or Lambo (yet).

And I don’t “hustle & grind” for 15 hours a day (I average 15 hours a WEEK).

But there’s more…

I’m not an “A-list Copywriter.”

I don’t have a fake, carefully crafted rags-to-riches story.

I’ve never fought a grizzly bear with my bare hands, swum under a frozen lake, or survived a plane crash… or have I?

It gets WORSE.

I haven’t woken up to an alarm since May 2016.

I’m not a best-selling author… and I’ve NEVER paid to be featured in been mentioned in Forbes, Business Insider, or the Huffington Post.

So maybe this whole opt-in page was a terrible idea.

Definitely DON’T enter your contact info below.

*reverse psychology*

Need More Convincing?

Since 2017, I’ve been helping clients pull more cash out of their lists with every email they send.

I’ve also been mentored by some of the best direct response marketers and business consultants on Earth… to get special access to the kinds of business-building insights you won’t find on Google — or anywhere else.

When I’m not busy helping clients with email marketing, I work on my own projects.

I build and sell my own info products…

I mentor freelancers and business owners in my private community, Email Elite…

And I run Email Kit — the #1 resource for email marketers everywhere (launches March 1st, 2021).

Past or current clients include:

  • Brett Papa
  • Ed Latimore

  • The Primal Man
  • Traffic & Funnels
  • Daniel Kelly (Optimized Army)

  • Greg Porto (Acquisition Power System)
  • Ryan Booth + Ben Byrne (Church of Clientology)
  • Mike Matthews (Legion Athletics, Muscle for Life)
  • Agora affiliates (Casey Research, Legacy Research, etc.)

I’ve been featured on a growing number of podcasts, including The Email Marketing Podcast with David Allan, The Zach Homol Show, and Natural Born Coaches with Marc Mawhinney.

I was also interviewed for the “Make Email Great Again Convention” with some of the top direct response marketers in the world, including David Deutsch, Dan Ferrari, Roy Furr, Matt Bacak, Mike Becker, and Chris Orzechowski.

Let’s try again…

Here’s What Happens AFTER You Join


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Here’s what else you need to know…

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We’ll talk about:

√ My highs and lows in online biz

√ What’s happening in my business… and my life

√ And what I see working in the world of online marketing


You can expect 5-6 emails a week, but if you’re allergic to getting lots of emails…

If you hate marketing promotions…

If you’re a sensitive snowflake who’s constantly offended…

Please don’t sign up.

“I’ve been following your emails every day, and I can 100% assure your followers that what you talk about… is all they’ll ever need.”

—Sam Ocean

Marketing & Business Strategist for 7-8 figure brands

Founder, Rainmaker Profits

My Newsletter Isn’t For Everyone

Maybe you already figured this out.

If not, I’ll be crystal clear:

This newsletter is for you if you agree to OPEN, READ (and occasionally RESPOND to) my emails.

And it’s for you if you’re willing to put in the work to get really good at email (or if you want to work together down the road).

But if you’re just gonna let my emails sit in your inbox, collecting digital dust…

Please close this page and step away from your screen.

Inactive subscribers are unsubscribed, deleted, and shot out of a cannon after 30 days.

And if I suspect you’re using a “swipe” email address or fake name…

I’ll remove your lying, thieving ass immediately.

(Whoa! That escalated quickly.)

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