November 25, 2018

Cold Email Breakdown With Ryan Holmer

What's an effective cold email?

A lot of people like to describe copy as "good" or "bad," but that isn't an accurate description. 

What we should care about is whether or not it's effective. 

Does it help us reach our goal or not? 

Now that we've got that out of the way, a few guidelines:

1. You're emailing someone who is probably pretty busy and gets a lot of emails every day.

This means you need to get to the point fast. 

2. Your email needs to be personalized.

You can use a template to speed up the writing process, but if you're just copying and pasting hundreds of emails, don't expect much. 

3. Focus on how you can help your prospect.

A common mistake is to make the email all about you. 


Make it all about your reader and how you can provide a solution for their business. 

Cold Email Example

Here's a great cold example email from Ryan Holmer of Affluent Attraction. Ryan's specialty is helping Financial Advisors grow their business with Facebook ads. 

Why does this work so well?

#1 - It's short

The last thing you want to do is waste someone's time with a long email

#2 - Notice how it says "Financial Advisor Marketing" at the top?

Ryan's clearly identified his niche so his prospects can see that they're dealing with a specialist.

#3 - He uses conversational language

"Hey Jeff - thanks for connecting!"

A common mistake is to sound TOO professional, so write/talk the way you'd talk at a BBQ or a bar.

#4 - Gets straight to the point

"As mentioned..."

Here he reiterates WHO he serves and HOW he helps them (benefits).

And he does this in one sentence.

#5 - Personalizes the message

"I have taken a look at what you're doing..."

So now the prospect knows that Ryan is at least somewhat familiar with the business being discussed.

#6 - Focus on results

"...and I'm sure will boost your results"

The #1 thing clients get about is results (usually in the form of leads, sales or even clarity)

#7 - Uses social proof

"We're currently working with one of the top teams at Scotia"

So now the prospect sees that Ryan is already working with a business in the banking niche.

#8 - More results

"...and are helping them to completely dominate the market"

This also implies that Ryan can deliver similar results for the prospect.

#9 - Call to Action (and assumes the sale)

"When suits for a quick 15 min chat?"

Simple and straightforward.

Notice the language again... "quick 15 minute chat"

What sounds better to you?

"Are you available for a 60 minute conference call to discuss your business objectives?"


"When suits for a quick 15 min chat?"

The shorter version is more informal and sounds like less of a commitment for the reader. 

15 min chat?


If it's a waste of time I'll only lose 15 min.

Might as well talk to him...

That's how the prospect is going to think.

And that, ladies and gents, is how it's done. 

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