Hey — I’m Dennis Demori.

If you have an email list…

And sell high-ticket coaching or courses…

I can help you pull more cash out of your list… consistently.

That’s why my specialty is helping coaches and course creators…

√ Create “Power Offers” that have your subscribers lining up to whip out their credit cards

√ Loosen the “kinks” in your back-end marketing with fun, simple broadcast emails that create “cash flow waterfalls”

√ Help you RETAIN clients and customers WITHOUT the headaches of boring webinars, deep discounts, unreliable sales teams, 87-step funnels, a calendar full of strategy sessions, the constant stress of paid traffic… or burning out your list


I’ve helped clients sell everything from physical products to software…

But my favorite stuff to sell is coaching and info products, including:

  • Ebooks
  • Reports
  • Courses
  • Workouts
  • Templates
  • Workshops
  • Subscriptions
  • Memberships
  • Paid newsletters
  • Print newsletters
  • High-ticket coaching programs

When I’m not busy helping clients with email marketing, I work on my own projects:

Past or current clients include:

  • Brett Papa
  • Ed Latimore
  • Alex Berman
  • Amir Siddiqui

  • Chase Dimond
  • The Primal Man
  • Traffic & Funnels
  • Spy & Survival
  • Daniel Kelly (Optimized Army)

  • Caleb Gregory (Stock Picker’s Club)
  • Greg Porto (Acquisition Power System)
  • Ryan Booth + Ben Byrne (Church of Clientology)
  • Mike Matthews (Legion Athletics, Muscle for Life)
  • Agora affiliates (Casey Research, Legacy Research, etc.)

I’ve been featured on several podcasts, including The Email Marketing Podcast with David Allan, The Zach Homol Show, and Natural Born Coaches with Marc Mawhinney.

I was also interviewed for the “Make Email Great Again Convention” with some of the top direct response marketers in the world, including David Deutsch, Dan Ferrari, Roy Furr, Matt Bacak, Mike Becker, and Chris Orzechowski.


I work with 1-on-1 clients on an extremely limited basis.

I can offer consulting or my Done-For-You email marketing service.

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