Worried that your next launch will lose sales because of weak copy?

Find Out How You Can Have The Biggest Blockbuster Launch Of The Year With My Brutally Effective "Profit Launch Framework"

...And discover the four essential elements of 6- and 7-figure launches

Dear info publisher, 

My name's Dennis Demori and I've been a Sales and Marketing professional for over 15 years. Before becoming a Product Launch Copywriter, I was a Brand Strategist for 6 years and worked for several national advertising agencies with clients ranging from non-profits to big brands like Bacardi, Mattel and Nestle.

In 2015 I realized there was a massive opportunity to write copy for online businesses as there was a tremendous demand, but a limited supply of quality Copywriters.

This discovery, along with the skyrocketing popularity of information products and online courses and my penchant for thinking BIG, led me to product launches. I love info products and online courses - I've taken several myself - so my personal experience as a student has helped me understand what's going to resonate most with your buyers.  

While working with many clients across various niches I've developed a 4-point system for writing high-performance copy that persuades prospects to buy during the short window of opportunity only available during launches. I call it the "Profit Launch Framework."

It's heavily based on my interest in human behavior and years of working in the Advertising industry as a researcher and strategist. From cognitive biases to behavioral economics, I believe the key to great launch copy is understanding how to apply this understanding of how the brain works to the time-sensitive nature of product launches.

The Profit Launch Framework is my tool for "cracking the code" of 6- and 7-figure launches, and, when implemented...it'll be the edge that helps your next info product become a smashing success. 

As a fellow business owner, I know what it's like to juggle a million things at once...

I know what it's like when you have a long list of To Do items...and there doesn't like enough time in the day to get them all done...

I know what it's like to feel stuck because your business doesn't seem to be moving forward at the pace you want...and you're not sure if it's all your fault or it's just out of your control...

And I know what it feels like when you're not getting the results you want...like leads and sales...despite your best efforts...

When clients come to me, they share common challenges, like...

  • Their email campaigns are the weakest part of their sales funnel...so they miss out on opportunities to increase the Average Order Value
  • Unprofessional Copywriters who missed deadlines, communicated poorly or were terrible writers...so they ended up having to re-do their work or hire another Copywriter (costing them precious time and money)
  • They don't know how to use the right archetypes to create a compelling narrative that matches your brand, grabs your readers' attention...and leads them to action

Do you have a Copywriter who can...

  • Turn​ your autoresponders into a well-oiled machine that helps you up-sell, cross-sell, and down-sell to your list?
  • Write your launch copy with sweet-as-sugar story arcs...that turn your prospects into hot leads EXCITED to do business with you?
  • Capture what your prospects are feeling RIGHT NOW...using THEIR OWN words...in your own BRAND VOICE...to increase the relevance of your offer?
  • Boost your credibility and authority...and clarify your Unique Selling Proposition...to make the result (or advantage) your provide...the obvious choice?
  • Increase your numbers of paying customers...your Average Order Value...and the number of times they buy from you?

​Guess what? Now you will....

Dennis is a Rockstar! He writes fantastic copy and is very professional! He spent a lot of time upfront with me to really understand what I was looking for. He developed a plan to meet those requirements, and then he delivered!

I was blown away at how much he followed up with me. He always let me know what was going and always delivered what he said he would. 

He went above and beyond what I asked for. If you want someone who understands the WHOLE PROCESS, then hire Dennis! You will not be disappointed!

Fitness Entrepreneur and Gym Owner

When I write copy, I follow 3 core principles:

​1. Write straightforward, easy-to-read copy that sounds like it comes straight from YOUR mouth (you being the product owner, course creator, or guru in your niche). People want to read relatable copy that sounds like a one-on-one conversation between good friends giving each other new, interesting, and helpful advice.

2. Use the highest impact levels of buyer psychology. I'll review your launch copy with my "Cognitive Conversion Checklist" - 84+ psychological triggers which have been used and tested by evolutionary psychologists, behavioral economists, A-list Copywriters, legendary magicians, and even memory experts...to increase buying tendency and sales during the launch window. 

People aren't complicated - they're actually pretty predictable. Great copy uses what we know about how people think and behave to write persuasively.

​3. Tell engaging stories that follow the Three Act narrative arc to take your readers (and viewers) on an emotional journey that leads them to your offer... and beyond (that's what cross-sells, upsells and follow-up emails are for!). 

Unless, of course, you want to go back to researching (you do research, right?), writing, and editing your copy all by yourself...

So here's what you need to do if you're interested in working together...

The 7 Steps To A 7-Figure Launch

  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3
  • STEP 4
  • STEP 5
  • STEP 6
  • STEP 7

We launch to massive buzz, adoration, and profits. I show up at your house with heavy duffel bags and we start lighting cigars with $100 bills. And you'll be so thrilled with my copy that you tell everyone from your mailman to your mistress.

Where was I? Oh, that's right...


I'm available for 1-2 launches per month (along with smaller projects) and my prices increase with demand. 

"How Much Will This Cost?"

Some Copywriters charge as much as $100,000 or more for product launch copy...

Luckily, I've priced my services to deliver maximum value so you can still get an incredible ROI. 

3 Ways We Can Work Together:

1 - Copy Consultations

2 - Copy Rewrites 

3 - Brand New Product Launch Copy

Copy consultations are generally a 1-hour video (and accompanying PDF) where I review up to 20 pages of your copy. These critiques are a great option if you want a 2nd set of eyes to review your copy and identify gaps that are causing you to lose sales. They're also a good idea if you have a smaller budget.

It'll be up to you (or your Copywriter, if you already have one), to implement my suggestions. 

Copy rewrites are the best option if you'd like me to review AND rewrite your copy​ so you don't needlessly lose out on sales because of holes in your current copy. 

If you'd like a consultation or rewrite, I offer single sessions, bulk packages, and even monthly retainers. I can review/rewrite a single piece of content (like a long-form sales letter, landing page, or email sequence), multiple pieces, or your entire launch funnel from snout-to-tail (paints a pretty picture, doesn't it?). 

Product launch copy is the full package and it means I'll research, write, and edit your copy. Facebook ads, landing pages, emails, etc. - the whole kitchen sink. 

Now, I can't offer a specific quote without knowing exactly what you need, however, I can tell you that my product launch copy rates tends to fall into the three tiers below:

  • TIER ONE: $5,000 - $10,000
  • TIER TWO: $20,000 - $30,000
  • TIER THREE: $50,000 - $70,000

So if you need copy for a simple launch funnel or something more complex, I can put together a plan that meets your needs.

Keep in mind: my goal is to help you AT LEAST 10x your investment. 

Ready to get started? Click the button below to tell me a little about you and your goals:​

You have my "Deadline GUARANTEE"

Still have questions? I have answers...

Q. How do I know you're legit? Why should I choose you over someone else? How do I know you're going to take care of my brand? 

My research is driven by my Profit Launch Framework, a unique process I've fine-tuned specifically for product launches to analyze four essential elements: 

  • Target Audience
  • Evolutionary Triggers
  • Market Awareness 
  • Market Sophistication

Within each category I'll run my research through my checklist of 84+ questions to make sure I know your prospects better than they know themselves. 

But research isn't everything - you need to know how to transform it into tight copy...and most Copywriters don't understand the difference between writing to entertain and writing to sell, so they just write copy that SOUNDS better.

I don't do that. All of the copy I write serves a strategic purpose. ​

I'm also a student of my craft. I've read the books, completed the courses, and worked with other Copywriters to help them nail their projects. 

And I've been mentored by an 8-figure Copywriter (who also happens to have worked with some of the BIGGEST names in Internet Marketing). Want to find out who? Just click one of the buttons on this page to get in touch. ​

Who are my copywriting services for?

Let's be honest: You're busy. Really busy.

And your time would be better spent on other things, like building incredible products, improving customer service, or training as an amateur bull fighter. 

You want to build a better relationship with your audience, sell your product, and leave the writing to someone else...

And you want energetic copy (not boring) that’s clear, compelling, and tells your story in a way that makes your readers eager to do business with you.

Here's what I expect from my partners...

You're a successful information publisher and experienced product launcher, but you don't have the time, knowledge or energy to focus on copywriting.

You're capable of leveraging my work - You have systems in place so my copy is in an environment where it can make a meaningful impact on your business (e.g. if I write you a sales letter, you know how to drive traffic to it). 

You understand marketing and its purpose - You know marketing and copywriting are important investments you need to use and leverage to grow your business. 

You're already getting results with your business - If you've never launched a product, we're not a good fit. List size doesn't really matter as long as your audience is already engaged. 

You're willing to share your key metrics - Average Order Value, list size, monthly revenue, etc. I need to know your numbers so we can establish benchmarks and figure out what success looks like AFTER my copy goes live.  

But don't get TOO excited because I need to warn you: 

I don't work with everyone

If you fall into any of these categories, we're NOT a good fit:

  • Your product is poor quality, unethical, or just an all-out scam. 
  • You want to haggle on price. I work hard - and smart - to deliver results, so the price is the price (and increases with demand). 
  • You need print work (like direct mail or brochures). My focus is 100% digital assets (like landing pages, sales letters and email sequences). 

My Guarantee

If you've done several product launches, then you've probably worked with Copywriters who missed deadlines, wrote weaksauce copy, or were just plain difficult to work with. Here's your chance to get conversion-focused copy from an experienced Copywriter who knows how to sell online.  

And you're fully protected by my "Deadline Guarantee." I know product launches have strict deadlines and you probably have a lot on your place, so I want you to know that you'll be a priority on my calendar. 

"Put me to the test! Try me, risk-free." 


Top entrepreneurs know when to trust their instincts, so don't delay.

If you're ready to top your last launch, I'd love to hear from you. Hit the button below to introduce yourself.

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The 1st step is completing a simple two-minute Copy Questionnaire to tell me a little bit about you.

If your application's approved, I'll follow up to schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call to dive deep into your business and discuss your next launch.

P.S. You skipped to the bottom of this page, didn't you? You must be eager to get started, so fill out your Copy Questionnaire now and don't risk losing your spot. I have the bandwidth for 1-2 product launches per month and limited availability for copy consultations.