Product Launch Case Study: Todd Brown’s E5 C.A.M.P. Method

One of the key differences between someone doing their 1st product launch vs. someone who's done multiple launches is that your goals start to shift. 

If it's your 1st launch, there's a lot of doubt over whether or not it's going to work. You probably have small sales goals and if you hit them, you'll be happy. 

Not so for experienced launchers...

You've done this before, so you know what to expect.

You know your list will grow, you know you'll get a certain number of sales, and you're confident that affiliates will be there to help. 

So your focus has shifted from getting some going through a basic launch checklist towards optimization. 

If you're curious how an experienced Internet Marketer like Todd Brown approached his latest product launch, you'll love these video teardowns I created that cover:

  • How Todd planned and wrote his launch emails
  • How Todd approached Facebook marketing, including FB ads
  • The proven formula Todd used for his pre-launch page
  • The key elements and flow of Todd's sales page
  • How Todd used storytelling in his email copy​

So don't miss this chance to see how one of the pros optimizes his launch. 

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