Are you 100% confident in your copywriting abilities?

Are you sure your Copywriter's ​going to deliver the results you want?

Are you on a tight budget, so paying a professional Copywriter for custom copy is currently out of reach?

Then these Copy Critiques are just for you...

I started offering basic critiques in Facebook marketing groups and the response was incredible.

I quickly realized that I could add real value through constructive criticism, pointing out the things I liked and the things that I thought could be improved.  ​

Hell, even the best Copywriters in the world have doubts about their copy and that's why their not-so-secret weapon is copy critiques.

The idea is simple: two heads are better than one.

And you can think of a second set of eyes to review ​as an insurance policy to see what's working, what isn't, and what's missing in your copy. 

I can review any kind of direct response copy (final copy only - NO drafts), although emails, landing pages, and sales letters tend to be the most common requests.

What I look at will vary depending on the type of copy you need reviewed, so it can be the Lead (the first few hundred words of your copy) or the key elements (like headline, social proof and offer) or even the structure of your copy (to make sure it's in a logical, persuasive sequence). 

NOTE: The final deliverable will be a mind map PDF and a video walkthrough that explains my feedback. 

I also offer the option of one-time critiques (starting at $750 for up to 20 pages of copy) or annual retainers (starting at $4,000). You can also Buy 4, Get 1 Free (if you pre-pay). 

You'll want the annual retainer if you generate a lot of copy and I'll make myself available for one review per month (no rollovers). 

Still not sure if these critiques are for you?

These critiques are perfect if:

- You're a serial launcher who doesn't have the budget to shell out 5-figures every time you launch a new product

- You teach your students how to create their own online products, and they need a skilled Copywriter to review their copy

- You're a service provider (graphic designer, funnel strategist/agency, web designer, etc.) whose clients need a ​Copywriter to critique their copy

If you're ready to get started, contact me ASAP so I schedule you in my calendar. I tend to do critiques in between larger projects, so I have limited spots available. 

Of course, I can always rewrite your copy if you'd rather have me take it off your hands. 

I needed help for an email sequence for a new funnel that I'm launching to a cold audience and Dennis reviewed it and gave me pointers to make it better. 

He was very quick to give me feedback on my email copy and gave me many tips to fine tune it. But best of all, Dennis gave me confidence in my own ability to write copy. 

In comparison, I asked another Copywriter to rewrite my email sequence and asked for a sample to see how he could improve my email copy. I gave him at least 4 chances and every example he returned used poor grammar or bad English.

But Dennis was very quick and caught a lot of things that I didn’t see, even after re-reading my email multiple times.

Steve Bruce 
Fitness Professional

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