February 26, 2017

Stories That Sell: The 7 Stories You Need to Include in Your Sales Letters

Improve your sales page or landing page with stories

​ Stories are a powerful, underrated sales tool.They can inject personality and spirit into your lifeless copy.They can make readers identify with your offering through relatable characters.And they can lead your prospects to the sale…WITHOUT making them feel like they’ve been sold via sneaky methods (or threats of broken knuckles – kapish?).Today I’m going to […]

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February 25, 2017

The 3 Key Ways You Can Increase Client Lifetime Value With Email Marketing – Derek Johanson (CopyHour) Interview

Increase client lifetime value with consistent client contact

​ What’s the best way to grow your business and increase Client Lifetime Value with email marketing?There isn’t one, but there IS an excellent framework you can use to make your email stronger.Enter Derek Johanson. Derek’s an Online Marketing Consultant for small businesses. He has a popular Copywriting course and Facebook group called CopyHour.He’s also a fan of […]

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February 25, 2017

How Andre Chaperon Uses Stories to Write Engaging Email Autoresponders – Part 1

Scale your online business with autoresponders

What’s your 1st thought when you think of the word “autoresponders?”Sounds kind of cold and technical, doesn’t it? But used correctly, autoresponders can be an awesome way to tell stories and make a deeper connection with your email list(s). Whether it’s sitting around a campfire or binge-watching a Netflix show, stories are one of the primary ways […]

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January 16, 2017

What Ben Settle Taught Me About Using Daily Emails to Grow Your Business – Part 1

Scale your online business with daily emails

What’s the best frequency when it comes to sending emails to your list?The answers are all over the place:3x a day (like Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes)DailyWeekly (like many newsletters)Bimonthly and so on…​But there’s a simpler way to answer this question:Email your readers when you have something valuable to share. That’s it.“You’re not doing anyone any […]

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