January 16, 2017

What Ben Settle Taught Me About Using Daily Emails to Grow Your Business – Part 1

Scale your online business with daily emails

What’s the best frequency when it comes to sending emails to your list?

The answers are all over the place:

But there’s a simpler way to answer this question:

Email your readers when you have something valuable to share. That’s it.

“You’re not doing anyone any favors by hiding your product, if you can truly help them. In fact...it’s your moral and ethical obligation to tell people that your product at least exists every day.” --Ben Settle

People tend to overcomplicate email marketing (like most things in life), but there’s no need to.

Enter Ben Settle. Ben’s an Email Specialist who uses daily emails to sell products online. He also teaches his students how to sell with this method.

Daily Emails Are About Providing Constant Value

The main point of sending emails to your readers 5 (or even 7) days a week is that you’re selling something people WANT and NEED.

People love to buy. What they don’t like is feeling like they’ve been sold something against their will.

So you need to entertain and educate and make them active participants in the sales process. Using Ben’s approach, people are happy to pay you because you’re selling in a way that people like to buy.

To do daily emails effectively, you need to use a soft sell approach. Because if you try to whack them over the head with a hard sell approach in every email, they’ll unsubscribe.

But DAILY emails? Isn’t that too much?


It’s important to be completely upfront about what people are getting into when they sign up for your list. Ben reminds subscribers when they opt-in, when they subscribe and even during the emails themselves.

That way, you’re setting clear expectations.

Understand: People who have a problem WANT to hear from you if you have a solution. And if they’re subscribed to your list, they’re probably subscribed to a bunch of other lists too. Daily, value-based emails will help you stand out.

Of course, it’s possible that some people will get mad about getting daily messages in their inbox, but it’s important to realize that they were never your customer anyway. By unsubscribing, they’re doing you a favor so you can focus on your most passionate, loyal readers (who spend money!).

Three More Reasons Daily Emails Are Awesome

1. Daily emails help prospects get over procrastination

  • People may have decided to buy 3 weeks ago, but it’s the email you sent TODAY that pushes them over the edge

2. Daily emails build on each other

  • The frequency helps you stand out as an authority in your niche

  • You can’t create this kind of relationship with a weekly or monthly email

  • And they don’t need to be long either. Consistency is more important than length.

3. Daily emails can work for any business (brick + mortar, SaaS, freelancing, etc.)

  • As Ben says, “I have yet to see a business where writing daily emails wouldn’t work.”

How To Do Daily Emails the RIGHT Way

  • Use a soft teaching approach (like you’d see in a magazine article vs. a car manual). You can be more aggressive in your sales approach during a launch.

  • Make it emotional. These shouldn’t be dry emails. They should be fun, fresh, unpredictable, helpful and inspire people to take action to solve whatever problem they’re dealing with. Your readers are busy and they’ll appreciate simple, actionable tips.

  • Tell stories. Tell inspiring stories about people that have your product or talk about people who had the problem you’re solving. Paint the picture for readers so they can see how other people went from problem to solution.

    Make it personable. Pretend you’re writing to a friend or family member. Especially if you’re a solopreneur (like a freelancer, coach, or consultant), there’s no reason for your readers to feel like they’re getting emails from ABC MegaCorp. These emails can be a terrific relationship building tool.

“I don’t think you need to be pushy - you need to be helpful.” - Ben Settle

Key Takeaways

  • Start writing every day: Don’t worry about sending the perfect email. Remember: “Perfect is the enemy of good.”

  • Get over your fear of selling: A lot of the hesitance people have about sending their readers emails every day is because they’re scared of selling. You shouldn’t be. If you have a valuable product or service that can help your readers, you NEED to remind them. So start adding a link to your offer in every single email.

    Have fun with it. ​If you don’t enjoy writing your emails, then your readers won’t enjoy reading them either. And that doesn’t benefit anyone.

Source: Ben Settle on Why You Should Be Sending Daily Emails (John McIntyre Email Marketing Podcast)