A 3-Step Process to Attract Your Ideal Customers & Clients 

Let's work together to create clear, compelling copy that drives your audience to action

Do you know why you aren't hitting your goals?

Do you know why your business isn't growing?

Listen - if you're reading this, I'm going to assume several things:

You're not sure where you should focus your time, energy and money. Between "value ladders," "ascension models," and shiny objects, it's easy to get overwhelmed. We can work together to figure out the 80/20 of your business and how to prioritize them to reach your goals faster.

You're not completely clear on your target. It's possible to hit low 6-figures without having a deep understanding of your target audience, but at some point you need to go from the shotgun approach to sniper mode. That's why you need to get hyper-targeted so you're attracting the right people (and avoiding everyone else).

You have too many offers or your current offers aren't specific enough. Irresistible "mafia offers" target a specific pain point. You don't want lukewarm buyers who are on the fence about you. You want people who are truly excited about what you can do for them so you need to be strategic about what you try to sell them. 

Keep reading to find out how we'll work together to transform your business. 

A 3-Step Process To Get You On Track

Step One: Identify Your Ideal Customer

I don't just mean men 18-35. I mean who are they... really?

What frustrates them? What are they scared of? What are their dreams?

I'll do a full 360 analysis of your audience and pull it all together into a Client Avatar that make your target crystal clear. 

By the time we're done, you'll know your target better than they know themselves and you'll have a detailed document to reference before any future marketing decisions. 

Step Two: Packaging & Messaging

In Step Two we'll work together to create an Irresistible Offer that moves your target audience along the "Persuasion Path" so they feel like your offer was designed just for them.

At the end of Step Two you'll be able to target a specific pain point with a specific solution that makes you the only logical (and emotional) choice for your target.

Step Three:  Conversions

Step Three is where we focus on using copy to drive action, from front-end offers to up-sells and cross-sells. 

And we'll hit our goals through scientifically-proven direct marketing principles. 

How It Works

One of the biggest problems online entrepreneurs make in their online businesses is trying to do too many things or doing things out of order. 

There IS a logical sequence to growing and scaling an online business and it's the same idea with my 3-step process  - they're meant to be followed in order. 

So we'll go through each phase, step-by-step, and by the time we're done, we'll have a crystal clear target, razor sharp offer(s) and a message that feels completely custom and relevant to where your audience is today.

How Much Is This Going to Cost?

Contact me today if you're ready to invest in your business (all of my clients get custom pricing which we'll discuss during our Strategy Session once I understand your situation and goals). 

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Client Success Stories

Gene is a Wealth Manager new to online marketing. We worked together to narrow down his target, tighten up his copy and position him as an expert in his niche. 

Dennis has been great to work with. 

The insights into my email follow up series were even more valuable than the actual edits required! 

Would definitely recommend for anyone needing a quality copywriter and a boost in sales!

Joe Searle 
Fitness Professional

Dennis is a Rockstar! He writes fantastic copy and is very professional. He spent a lot of time with me upfront to really understand what I was looking for. He developed a plan to meet those requirements, and then he delivered!

I was blown away at how much he followed up with me. He always let me know what was going on and always delivered what he said he would. 

He went above and beyond what I asked for. If you want someone who understands the WHOLE PROCESS, then hire Dennis! You will not be disappointed. 

Brent Raymer, Gym Owner

I needed help for an email sequence for a new funnel that I'm launching to a new audience and Dennis reviewed it and gave me pointers to make it better. 

He was very quick to give me feedback on my email copy and gave me many tips to fine tune it. But best of all, Dennis gave me confidence in my own ability to write copy. 

In comparison, I asked another Copywriter to rewrite my email sequence and asked for a sample to see how he could improve my email copy. I gave him at least 4 chances and every example he returned used poor grammar of bad English. 

But Dennis was very quick and caught a lot of things that I didn't see, even after re-reading my email multiple times. 

Steve Bruce, Fitness Coach

Clients know freelancers can be hit or miss. I know because I'm had bad experiences with Copywriters in the past. 

Luckily, I found Dennis to be a smart and professional Direct Response Copywriter and he's an easy guy to work with. 

He gave just the right amount of communication, worked fast, and the final copy for my email sequence was just what I needed to hit all the important points with my readers. 

Now that we've updated my marketing message, I expect an increase in sales. I definitely recommend Dennis if you're looking for a top-notch Copywriter and I look forward to working with him again soon. 

Online Entrepreneur

I'm an experienced info publisher with an authority site and several niche sites. And to be honest, I kind of hate writing sales copy, but it's an essential part of my business. 

So when I spoke to Dennis about creating two separate email sequences (to book consultations and buy one of my online courses), I was a little apprehensive because I know there are a lot of Copywriters who don't deliver or miss deadlines, but Dennis surpassed all my expectations. 

He has an organized process and asked a lot of great questions that I'd wish I'd asked about my audience. He also stressed the importance of surveying my list and completely changed the way I approach testimonials - now I can how to use them to overcome objections and improve my positioning as an authority. 

Bottom line: Dennis helped me get a 133% ROI. I highly recommend him if you need a Consultant and Copywriter to write you really amazing copy that relevant to your readers and to get past any sticking points in your marketing and sales funnel. 

Kyle, Online Entrepreneur

About Me

Throughout my Advertising career as a Brand Strategist, I worked with a variety of clients, including small businesses, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies (like Nestle, Mattel, and General Mills).

I helped these clients develop their brand positioning, improve their strategic frameworks, and launch physical products (like bottled beverages and a revolutionary prescription drug that's cured thousands).

Meet My Clients...

As a Marketing Consultant & Copywriter, I’ve worked behind the scenes on product launches, e-books, online courses, email campaigns and even ghostwriting projects. Clients have included marketing agencies, startups, small businesses, solopreneurs, coaches, and  copywriting  agencies in a variety of niches, including:

  • B2B
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Coaching
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Health & Fitness
  • Finance, Make Money Online
  • Firearms
  • Menswear
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Development
  • Real Estate
  • SaaS
  • Supplements
  • Web Design

It's hard to find reliable freelancers. But my business has doubled in size over the past year and I needed someone who could help me write and edit high-quality copy reliably.

Dennis helped me improve Revo's positioning, establish us as a thought leader in Myanmar, and introduce us to new clients...I'm incredibly happy with his work.

If you need a smart, effective Consultant and Copywriter who's fun and easy to work with, I highly recommend Dennis.

Myo Myint Kyaw, CEO, Revo


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