Let's talk about you

You start your day bright and early, with lots of caffeine and a never-ending to do list, armed with your trusty cell phone by your side. 

But you're feeling a little stuck. Uncertain about the future. And maybe a little down that you're not reaching your potential. 

You’ve hit an invisible wall. And it's there. You can feel it. But for whatever reason, you're unable to take action..

I want to help you. Help you make more money, automate more of your business, and do it all with less stress.

Because you didn't start your own business to work 50, 60 or 80-hour weeks forever, did you? You're aiming for something better. So keep reading...​

Freelance Direct Response Copywriter

What’s the worst case scenario?

  • Failing... and having to go back to an office job you hate
  • Going broke...and feeling stressed out about bills
  • Feeling unfulfilled...and like you'll never reach your potential

So here’s how to know if you’ve reached the right place:

You run an online business,  but you're lacking focus. 

It's not like we have a lack of information today - we have information everywhere. 

From books to blogs to YouTube, we have more information than we know what to do with it. 

The problem is knowing what to focus on. 

About Me

My name’s Dennis Demori and I want to be the catalyst that helps you grow your online business.

Throughout my Advertising career as a Researcher and Brand Strategist, I worked with a variety of clients (small businesses, non-profits, and Fortune 500 companies). I developed brand positioning, strategic frameworks and more. 

But something was missing.

I wanted to run my own business and have the freedom and control to do things my way (without stepping into an office or dealing with 2-hour commutes in LA traffic).

Now that I’m a Direct Response Copywriter, I’ve worked behind the scenes on successful product launches, e-books, online courses and ghostwriting projects.​ Clients have included marketing agencies, startups, small businesses, solo entrepreneurs and coaches, and Copywriter agencies in a variety of niches, including:

  • B2B
  • Dating and relationships
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Firearms​
  • Menswear
  • Tech
  • Web design

Besides, you already have enough to do, don’t you? So let me save you the guesswork of building a profitable online business. 

3 Things You Might Not Care About

1. I love movies, especially action, gangster and martial arts flicks (I'm also a 1st degree black belt and health nut)

2. I've worked in sales and marketing for 15+ years as a real estate agent, mortgage broker and Advertising guy

3. I'm excited to be a part of the growing numbers of solo entrepreneurs who are building profitable, location independent businesses


COPYWRITING CLIENTS: If you're interested in working together the 1st step is completing a simple 5-minute Copy Questionnaire and telling me a little about you

If I think we could be a great fit, you'll receive an email to schedule a 15-minute, one-on-one Discovery Call to help us take the next step and get crystal clear on your goals