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Heavy Users, Light Users and the Fallacy of Brand Loyalty


Image Credit: zmag.com


The Ad Contrarian has been on fire lately. I especially liked one of his recent posts on heavy users which I found especially insightful:


People in advertising and marketing often wrongly equate usage and loyalty. They think that heavy users in a category tend to be brand loyal. And that heavy users of a brand are brand loyal. The truth can be quite the opposite.


He goes on to give an example of a fast food patron who eats at McDonald’s 4 out of 10 times and other fast food restaurants with less frequency, making this person the “heavy” user, however, he eats at competitors the other SIX out of 10 times. Assuming that the heavy user in this example is brand loyal would be incorrect.

Success of a brand is not singularly related to high degrees of brand loyalty…the most important success factor for mainstream consumer brands is not how many loyal customers you have, but how many customers you have.


The big issue with equating heavy usage with brand loyalty is the overemphasis clients and agencies place on helping people establish “relationships” and “engaging” with brands, when in fact they are oftentimes just heavy category users with little loyalty.


READ THE ORIGINAL POST HERE: Sex and Commerce – The Ad Contrarian

BONUS: Here’s another recent TAC post that points out how 60+ agencies posting Harlem Shake videos runs contradictory to over-inflated claims of innovation and originality: Slaves To Trendiness

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